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Post by Quiver? on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:38 pm

Name: Quiver? Arai Ayer

Age: Sept. 23, 1991

Gender: Male

Village: Hidden in the Stars Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

Ninja Rank: Academy Student (Must redo)

Clan: Arai Ayer (It means Wild Rose)

Looks: Quiver? Arai Ayer Quiver10

Personality: Likes all of the elements, in this order: Water, Wind, Fire, Earth. He is a Libra/Virgo Ram, so his elements are Earth and Wind. Lee Sansei of the Hidden Leaf Village is his hero in this world. Quiver? prefers Taijutsu, and actually dose not like ninjutsu all to much and hates genjutsu. Regardless of the firey outfit Quiver? wares, his favorite element is acctualy the element of water. Also, regardless of the one evil looking wing, he is actuely a realy good person. His favorite creatures are imps, frogs, horses and ninetales.
Quiver? easily gets along with everyone (No enemies yet, but lots of friends) with about 5 true friends, both male and female. Patients is his ":middle name". It takes lots to get him angry, as he never likes to fight unless it is for sport. Unless it is a chieken, he will never kill an animal, not even gopher or mouse. The very thought of a dead animel due to a humans hands depresses his heart. Unless he is protecting himself, or others, then he is all for it. Same thing for children. He loves kids, and the kids love him. Gets along and loves everyone in family, but sometimes annoyed with grandmother (still gets along). Quiver dose not like to break the rules or the law (Ok, other then jay walking, staying up late and not compleating a task. So what?)
Sometimes Quiver? enjoys just dreaming (weather day or night) or going for a swim. Other times, Quiver? enjoys playing sports or games with his friends.

I am not optomistic, but also not over cautious. I am about modorate, with a tad creative touch.

Negative traits: Will help a villain get away with a crime (Stealing a gingerbread house) and even hide the evidence. Master at coming up with compromises to get out of trouble (Not lies) wants too much time for self. Non-dependable, yet trustworthy. To passive. A true opportunist, master of BS. (Once again, not lies).

Optomistic is to be confedent, and always look at the best. Opportunist, is to take advantage of the best time for an action. I get some good perswasive technekes this way.

This is my most racest personality. I don't like Gnomes. Thay have caused me nothing but trouble in my childhood. I didn't even consider them a race until latly.

Every ninja has somthing they live by. This is Quiver?'s. "Somebody must come first". This has lots of meaning to him.

Special Characteristics: A mole over the belly button, that if you make a circle to the back, another mole lines up like a giant mole has been stabbed through him. Always caries leg weights.

Elements: Wind, Earth

Skills/Specialties: Taijutsu, great at defense.

Jutsus: Has an actual trainer, but trains with dogs. They are actually a great source to learn from, hence why Quiver? uses Dog style jutsu. He is born a Ram, so also uses Ram style jutsu. Curently knows no Jutsu moves, but hopes to learn the following:

Ninjutsu: "Doton Kekkai Dorou Doumu - Earth Barrier Earth Dome Prison" "Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique" "Chakra Control" "Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique" " Moguragakure no Jutsu - Mole Hiding Technique" "Kazekaeshi - Wind Return" "Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique" "Kujaku Myouhou Yoku - Mysterious Peacock Method Wing" "Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escaping Skill".

Taijutsu: "Konoha Dai Senpuu - Leaf Great Whirlwind" "Konoha Reppuu - Leaf Violent Wind" "Konoha Senpuu - Leaf Whirlwind"

Well, at least these are the Jutsu's he would learn if any, in no particular order. And their are always your own techniques. His main focus is on the "Arai Ayer Dog/Ram Jutsus", original Jutsus from his Clan.

Weapons: Quiver? may cary with him duel battle axes, if he feels he will need to focus more on offense. His cloth if fused with a shard of the star Naruto had destroyed years ago. There are many of these shards remaining, but they have been fused with items so the effects do not harm people, as the user is not using it directly. This cloth is light and very cloth like to anyone who uses it, but to anyone on the outside, it is like crystal, heavy, hard and painful when given a blow. The outside is not malleable, though the user can wave it like any cloth. This cloth is huge though, a quilt, wrapping around Quiver? protecting his entire body, with room for swinging giving good offense. (At least that is how it could be, Quiver? is just an academy student, so cloth is more like stone then diamond, and a little bit acward and heavy.) Throwing Knives also, he can reach through his cloth to get his hands outside and throw the knives. Their are four ends to the cloth, for the head, feet and where the other two come together, sides. He puts his hands through the sides.

History/Background Story:( Your character's story. Detailed information preferred! )

Roleplay Sample: I use third person in a forum, and often tend to wright a long detailed yet confusing post all at once. I do not give the actions of another character, as that is rude and unfair, so when in a fight, I will often just do one move, to give the other a chance to block. Though I will annualize the fairness, and match it.


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